The Harmonic Forge is dedicated to bringing music into our everyday world. We design and make sculptures, installations and furniture that are interactive musical instruments. Whether they are for a sculpture garden or a classroom, all our designs are inclusive and accessible.

Musical Chaise Lounge
Port Orford cedar "keys" on a hand-forged, enameled steel frame
Nautilus musical bench
Designed with two converging Fibonacci Spirals, a shape found throughout nature from spiral galaxies to sunflowers to nautilus shells.Port Orford cedar "keys" with African mahogany infills on a hand-forged stainless steel and  carbon steel frame. Glass ornament by Solinglass
Musical Park Bench
Port Orford cedar "keys" are played by hitting the stainless steel buttons - no beaters needed. Steel frame and African mahogany infills. See video - More Musical Things page.
Blue Spiral Galaxy musical bench
A variation on the two converging Fibonacci Spirals made with Alaskan yellow cedar "keys" with African Padouk infills in a hand-forged  enameled stainless steel frame. Circular buttons are enameled aluminum rings with Alaskan yellow cedar infills and the custom designed glass central ornament is by Robert Burch Glass Studios VT
Temple of the Wind entrance
Megalithic tumulus with a 9 ft diameter interior chamber and "windcatchers" on the mound outside. Windcatchers funnel the wind into organ pipes that terminate in the chamber. As the wind changes direction, the musical notes change. Commissioned by Brigit's Garden, County Galway, Ireland.
Rainbow Melody
Played by hitting the shock-mounted caps with hands or beaters. Each tube plays a different note
Windsong Tree I
A musical wind sculpture. The "tree" is hand-forged, oxidized steel and the copper spheres are tuned to produce musical notes when the wind blows
Windsong Tree II
A musical wind sculpture. This "tree" is made from interwoven steel rod and the copper spheres are tuned to produce musical notes when the wind blows. The tree produces an F#Major chord when all the spheres are resonating. The spheres can be individually oriented to play notes from different wind directions.
Rhapsody Musical playground
Developed for Landscape Structures Inc., a major global playground manufacturer based in Minnesota, USA and now in schools, parks and playgrounds around the world.
Windsong Tree II
This musical wind sculpture is made from braided steel rod with tuned copper spheres that resonate when the wind blows. When all of the spheres are "singing" they play an F#Major chord. Individual spheres can be oriented to catch the wind from any direction.