Landscape Structures Inc. Rhapsody musical playground ensemble

Music-102These playground instruments were designed by Garry in collaboration with LSI’s Head Designer Tom Keller and includes the Grandioso-a 15 note set of large tuned tubes, Vivo – a set of 15 smaller tuned tubes and Animato – a 15 note glockenspiel or metal xylophone. All are diatonically tuned in the key of C major. There is a set of three drums – Kundu -based on a native drum of Papua New Guinea, Goblet – which is the basic shape of a middle eastern Darabuka or African Djembe, and the Kettle drum similar to a concert orchestral kettle drum. The ensemble was developed over a period of two and a half years and is now available for sale from LSI and its agents world-wide. You can see their website and a video at

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