Puffball Organ – pushing on the colored hemispheres plays different organ notes. Sydney Australia

Puffball Organ - pushing on the colored hemispheres plays different organ notes. Sydney Australia

Musical RecycleTrash Can

Musical recycle/trash can.

Ten pentatonically tuned (five note scale) flutes are played by pushing down on the caps with the small sunsymbols around the top of the steel drum. Made from recycled materials to  promote recycling. Commissioned by the Town of Brattleboro Vermont




Rainbow tube -a- phone

Rainbow Tube-a-phone

Sydney Australia

Played by hitting the shock-mounted aluminum caps. Each tube plays a different tuned percussive note.




Musical Fountain, Clifden Ireland

Six streams of water cascade down from the six foot diameter Indian sandstone bowl onto six tuned brass Tibetan Singing Bowls, creating chords of music rich with resonant harmonics. Tibetan Singing Bowls are used by Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns to help induce a meditative state. Commissioned by Sycamore House, a residence for people people with mental illness in Clifden, County Galway, Ireland


The Temple of the Wind, Killannin, Ireland

A megalithic chamber with corbeled roof and four “wind catchers” that channel the wind into organ pipes that resonate inside the central chamber.  As the wind changes direction, it plays different notes. A  limestone xylophone was made by the artist and tuned to the scale of the organ pipes and placed inside the central chamber. This can be played to “jam” with the “wind music”.












Zoom Tubes. Commissioned by Kidsplayce in Brattleboro Vt, these are played by pushing on the soft rubber coloured hemispheres which activate organ pipes fitted to the top of the clear polycarbonate tubes. Each hemisphere plays a different note.


Stomp Boxes – each box plays a different flute note when pressure is applied                            


Windsong Tree I -The copper spheres make music from the wind. When all te spheres are resonating, they play a F# major chord. Hand -forged steel “tree”















Tired Barrel Organ – made entirely from recycled materials as part of the Minnesota Childrens’ Museum’s “Trash Bash”exhibit.



Windsong Dreaming sculpture – Inspire school for Autism Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. Built for and by the students of the school , each pole is crowned by a “totem” designed by each of the students that represents their hopes, dreams or aspirations which is sent out over the countryside as a musical note when the wind blows. Below each totem at the top of the tubes is a tuned slotted hollow section that resonates when the wind blows. Each student decorated their own pole. Each pole also contains an organ pipe played by jumping on pads inserted in the ground above the sculpture.

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